Individual Yoga Therapy

 Yoga Therapy with Personalized One-On-One Instruction

  • I take time in a one-on-one setting to understand each client’s current needs and goals and then design a program just for them.
  • Everyone receives a HEP- Home Exercise Program.
  • We begin with a full intake session and then work together to develop a practice that suits your lifestyle, goals and needs.


The One-On-One Study Process

  1. First we will review your health history and current situation, complaints, goals, needs and desires.
  2. We may also look at your current living situation, lifestyle, diet, activities and passions.
  3. I may ask you to do simple movements so that I can observe what is happening with your structure, energy, movement paterns and holding patterns. During this process we will often talk about aggravating and relieving factors involved in your issue or goal.
  4. Working individually we can develop a relationship. The personal element or relationship aspect of our approach is important. Once I understand your issue(s) and circumstances, I can develop a home yoga program that emphasizes: conscious breathing, physical movements, and individualized purposeful sequencing of those movements in coordination with the breath. We will use the practice to access all levels of our being. Physical, energetic, mental, emotional aspects are always being considered.
  5. Each course is carefully constructed to stay well within your current limits and develops as you do.
  6. Then we will work on refining it according to your response and progress.
  7. You will receive written practices using traditional stick figures for visual reference.
  8. The initial consiltation is usualy 75-90 minutes. Follow-up sessions are usually shorter practice times of 45-60 minutes.

Private sessions are offered by Zoom

at my oceanview home in Capitola

or at your location


First Intake Session $150.00

Follow Up Single Session — $125.00


4 Session Package $400.00

6 Session Package $550.00

8 session package $650.00

*Session packages expire 12 months from purchase date 


Call Kym at 831-254-6100 for questions or schedule your appointment! 

I am an internationally certified yoga therapist. with the International Association of Yoga Therapists.

What is yoga therapy?

Yoga therapy is yoga for healing. Yoga therapy can work with all levels of your being by integrating the ancient practices of yoga to help effect your unique condition, whether it is physical, emotional, stress related, energetic or spiritual. Practices are individualized, including but not limited to the use of yoga postures to bring balance to the structure, pranayama (breathing exercises), meditation and visualization practices may be appropriate for your unique goals or condition.

Yoga therapy practices are written out for home practice with traditional stick figure drawings or can be recorded on video for your review.

Who might get yoga therapy?

Yoga therapy can help individuals heal injuries and manage a chronic pain or illness. In addition, yoga therapy can help athletes achieve their training goals and prevent injuries. Techniques for stress response management can help reduce anxiety, lose weight and or lower blood pressure as well as other stress related symptoms. The possibilities truly are endless…